Film Quote Designs by Josiah Crandall


Film Quote Designs by Josiah Crandall


You just finished something special

That is all you know

The silence that came after

Still invades your mind and soul

You do not know the people

Yet you know them all by name

And now that their stories over

You feel an aching pain

Something magical has happened

A story raw and true

Has entered in your system and started something new.


I just finished something special

That is all I know

The silence that came after

Still invades my mind and soul

I knew all these people

By so much more then name

And now that our stories over

I feel an aching pain

I was a part of magic

A story raw and true

We had told a story and started something new.  

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Photo Set

Goodbyes are simply bookmarks between hellos. They represent the start of new chapters and the beginning of warm memories. They show where we have been and let us know where we are going, always giving us the hope that someday we will chance upon each other again, if not in this life then the next.

Goodbyes, I think, were given so that our hellos could be that much sweeter. It is like the old saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Without an absence, we have no need to reminisces, no need to look back on all the good times and be reminded of what made a friendship so special in the first place. 


My words are a workshop

A somber sort of place

Storing scraps of stories

With a dusty sort of grace.

They are just bits and pieces

That together make a shed

In which I store more fragments

In a town with in my head.


This town, of course, is made up

Of other types of words   

Each with their own story

That relate to other verbs

And nouns

And adjectives

And adverbs.


All of them are special

And each one has its place

They mean things like a memory

Or a friendly smiling face.

And if you let me share them,

I hope that you will see,

That sometimes it’s the small words

That tell the best story. 


The thoughts I put on paper are very seldom true.

They are but dim reflections of a brighter point of view.

Dingy old expressions, told hundred times before.

Rearranged as poetry in hopes that they’d mean more.


What good are words that cannot stir?

And do not move the heart.

What good are words that do not speak?

And leave you feeling dark.


Words should make you happy.

They should tell you something new.

But I find this hard to manage,  

When words are seldom true. 


(An idea about words that is highly cynical and titled in such a way to make it seem infinitely more amusing and profound then it really is.)   

Words are just another medium used to convey emotions. They describe what we cannot explain by saying it is like something else we cannot explain. It is all very silly. 


It is the silent moments of the soul that try us the most.

The empty longing and shallow ache which stir emotion and gag our feeble minds.

Thrust into their thrill,  

Swept away in their nonsense,

We are left floundering in a dreaded love that cannot be explained.

Cannot be contained.

Cannot be real.

Simple and innocent, we fear these moments

They make us vulnerable

They make us feel.  

For it is in these moments we laugh so true

And cry in pain so severe.

We love passionately,

Yearn intensely,

Live freely.

Those wonderful

Heart breaking





Of the soul.


Speaking in Haikus
Is a simple way to prove 
Expertise at life.


What is this new apathy

Bubbling up inside of me

The oldest of dichotomies

A deconstructed melody.

My simple life turned upside down

Boling over,

I just might drown

A list of notes not poetry

I am sinking into apathy.